Within Teamwork, you can add a dependency relationship between tasks to make sure that tasks are completed in a particular order.

When creating or editing a task, go to the Dependencies tab and click the Select Tasks button to choose the task(s) that should be done first.

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In the Select Predecessors modal, use the checkboxes next to the relevant task(s) to select which ones should be done first.

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You can filter the tasks to a specific task list by selecting the list from the left panel or choose a different project using the dropdown above the lists.

When you have chosen the predecessor task(s), click Select These Tasks and you will see them listed in the Dependences area of the task.

You can click the button to the right of each task to change the dependency type from finish-start to finish-finish.

  • The current task cannot be started/completed before the predecessor is completed.
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When you save the task with the new dependencies, you will see the completion tick is replaced with a red icon to show that the task is waiting on other tasks, with links to those tasks.

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When you complete the predecessors, the task will be unblocked so you can complete it.

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Note: When a task with dependencies is set to repeat, the repeat tasks do not carry over the dependency.

Removing a dependency

To remove a dependency from an existing task, click the edit pencil to the left of the task to open the task in edit mode and go to the dependencies. tab. To the right of the relevant task, click the to remove the dependency.

Click Save Changes to update the task.

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Note: The option to remove dependencies is not available during task creation.

For more information, see: Changing Dates of Tasks with Dependencies