Within Teamwork, you can make a task in one project dependent on a task in a different project.

When creating or editing a task, go to the Dependencies tab and click the Select Tasks button.

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In the predecessors modal, you will see a dropdown in the top left where you can select another project.

Select the relevant task list from the left pane and then choose which task(s) you want to create the dependency with by selecting the relevant checkboxes. Click the Select this Task button to apply your changes.

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Once the task has been selected, you will see it listed in the Dependencies tab of the original task. You can then set the kind of dependency you want:

  • Start - The selected task must be completed before the current task can start
  • Be completed - The selected task must be completed before the current task can be completed
Click the start / be completed link to switch between them.

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Once the dependency has been created, you will see a red circle beside the task you have set the dependency on, preventing completion.

If you hover over this icon, you will see details of the existing dependency stopping it from being completed.

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Removing a dependency

To remove a dependency from an existing task, click the edit pencil to open the task in edit mode and go to the dependencies. tab. To the right of the relevant task, click the X to remove the dependency.

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Note: The option to remove dependencies is not available during task creation.

For more information, see: Setting Task Dependencies