Within Teamwork Projects, you can collapse each task list to hide the individual tasks on it. This can make it easier to see all task lists on a project, if there are lots of tasks in each task list.

There are two options available to you within a project when it comes to collapsing and expanding your task lists, you can do this individually or you can do it for all task lists at once. 

All task lists

You can expand or collapse all task lists at once, by clicking the options (three dots) button in the top right of the Tasks tab, and selecting expand/collapse from the dropdown.


To the left of each task list name there is either a - or a + depending on the status of the list. By selecting this you can expand or collapse that individual task list. 

Note: This is an individual setting for each person viewing a project, so if you change it, this won't affect the view of anyone else. 

For more information, see: Collapsing and expanding subtasks