Within Teamwork, you can impersonate other users on your site, meaning you will be using the site as them, and you can see what access they have or make changes on their behalf.

Note: Only site administrators can impersonate users. You cannot impersonate another site administrator.

Go to the People area of your site and select the People subsection.

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Click the relevant user's name to view their profile. In the top right of their profile, click the options button (three dots) and select Impersonate from the dropdown menu.

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When you choose the Impersonate option you will see a bar in the bottom left of your screen to show you that you're impersonating them.

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You can go to different areas in the site and view or edit items that would be available to that person.

You can use the Revert link to stop impersonating them at any time.

Restrictions while impersonating

  • Access to Teamwork Chat
  • Linking multiple Teamwork sites

Note: Any changes made while impersonating will be made to the account of the person you are impersonating.

For more information, see: Setting User Permissions on a Project