Within Teamwork, you can share individual dashboards with other users on your site.

Note: The ability to share dashboards is available on per-user Pro/Deliver (1 shared dashboard per site) and Premium/Grow (3 shared dashboards per site), as well as legacy Enterprise (unlimited shared dashboards) plans.

Dashboards can be shared with individual standard users, companies, and teams.

In the Home area of your site, select the Dashboards tab from the horizontal navigation menu.

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To create a new dashboard, select the Add Dashboard button when viewing the Dashboards overview or an existing dashboard.

To edit an existing dashboard, click the Edit button in the top right when viewing the individual dashboard.

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In the Add/Edit Dashboard modal, go to the Share tab to select users the dashboard should be shared with.

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In the Share tab, you can choose to share the dashboard with individual users or companies, use the checkboxes to the left of the relevant people. You can also go to the Teams tab and share the dashboard with specific teams.

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You can use the search field at the top of the Share tab to find specific people.

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Once you have selected the relevant users to share with, click Add/Update Dashboard.

To remove individuals or companies from a shared dashboard, edit the dashboard and uncheck the users you no longer wish to have access to the dashboard.

Note: Dashboards cannot be shared with collaborators as they do not have permission to access to the feature.

For more information, see: Viewing Your Shared Dashboards