✔  Available on Deliver, Grow, and Scale subscriptions 1

Within Teamwork.com, you can view and manage your shared dashboards via the Home area.

In the Home area, select the Dashboards tab from the horizontal navigation menu.

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At the top of the active dashboard, click Dashboards to return to the dashboards overview.

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Your dashboards overview will display your personal dashboards at the top. If other users have shared dashboards with you, these will be displayed in a Shared With Me section at the bottom of the overview.

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As with your own dashboards, click a shared dashboard to view it. Any changes the creator of the dashboard makes to a shared dashboard will also be visible to you.

You can manage individual shared dashboards by hovering over the dashboard card and clicking the arrow in the top right.

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Copying a shared dashboard

If you want to make changes to the dashboard, you can first make a copy of it. The copy will be added to your personal dashboards section and you can then customize it.

  • You cannot edit the original shared dashboard.
  • Any changes you make in your copied dashboard will not be reflected in the original shared dashboard.

Hiding shared dashboards

If you no longer want a shared dashboard to show in your dashboards overview, you can hide it by selecting Hide this dashboard from the dashboard options.

When you have hidden shared dashboards, you will see an option to show them at the bottom of the dashboards overview.

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To make a hidden shared dashboard permanently visible in your dashboards overview again, hover over the dashboard card and select Show this dashboard.

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1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Pro, Premium, Enterprise.