enables you and your team to collect visual feedback about your website from clients and other stakeholders.

Within, you can create and manage your destinations and reporters for creating tasks in your projects.

You can create multiple destinations that point to different projects and task lists on your site. Each time a team member creates a new task from, they can choose from the existing destinations.

Creating a destination

Select the Destinations tab at the top of your site and choose + Add destination.


When you add a new destination, select Teamwork as the integration. You will then be able to choose which of your existing projects to connect to, and have the option of adding the project's URL.

Select Add destination to complete the setup. 


Managing destination reporters

When you select a destination from the destinations list, a details view will open where you can invite other team members to contribute.

  • Team members - people with an existing account (e.g. designers, testers, developers).
    • Reporting settings:
      • Members' account (recommended) - members will be asked to connect their own account.
      • Team generic account - members will be able to report without needing a account. The reporter's name and email will be added to the task description.
  • Guests - non-technical contributors who do not have a account (e.g. clients, end users).
    • Reporting settings:
      • Choose the account these reporters' tasks should be added to, along with task list and task title prefix.

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Using the bug report template

The destination details view also allows you to create a bug report template to be added to the task description when your team are logging new issues.

Select the Fields tab from the left sidebar of the destination details view.

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You will see an option for bug report template. Use the text field to add the guidelines relevant to your bug report process and click Save template to update the changes. 

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Below the template, you can choose whether the template should be applied automatically when you or your team are creating new tasks to this destination. 

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For more information, see: Using the Integration