Within Teamwork.com, you can view a list of your projects via the Home area.

Select the My projects tab from the horizontal navigation menu where you will see all projects where you are a member.

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Each project has a View details option to the right. Clicking this will show you a timeline of activity on the project for the past 30 days.

If you hover over a point in the graph, you will see a total count of activity for that day. Hovering over a point on the blue/green lines will show you the total number of completed and remaining tasks as of that date.

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At the bottom of the details view, you will see a count of your late tasks and tasks due today. There is also a percentage complete bar for the project's actual and estimated progress.

  • Each of these items is clickable and will open a quick view to the right displaying the corresponding tasks.

You can use character dropdown at the top of the projects list to show only projects beginning with a certain letter.

Using the sort options, you can sort the projects in various ways such as by company or latest activity.

  • The default option will group the projects by company. The projects will then be ordered by starred first, then alphabetically.
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Filter options are also available via the filters button near the top right.

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Depending on your permissions, you will also have an option to create projects beside the filters button.

For more information, see: My Projects Filtering