Within Teamwork Projects, you can use the Templates section to create some templates and set default permissions for your new projects.

Click your profile icon in the top right corner of your site, and select 'Settings' from the dropdown menu:

In the Settings area, select the 'Templates' tab:

Welcome email template

When you add a new user to your Teamwork site you send them a welcome email. Customise the message your new users receive.

Task templates

Create templates for the task lists that you use repeatedly. You can create and edit them just like ordinary task-lists. Then when needed you can insert them into any project as often as you wish.

Default task lists

You can create default task lists which will be added as an empty task list in any new projects.

Default categories

You can create default categories which will appear in the following sections in any new projects you create.

  1. Messages 
  2. Files
  3. Notebooks
  4. Links
Default board columns

You can set default board columns when creating a new project. 

Note: You must be an administrator for these columns to be populated in your new project.

You can also reorder the default board columns by dragging and dropping them into a new position:

Default projects

You can set the default projects which new users will be added to automatically.

New user on a project

Each user has a set of project permissions on any projects they are part of. You can set default permissions for Owner company user or client company users.

These permissions will apply by default to any new users you add to a project.
Note: Only site administrators in the owner company can access the Settings and Templates areas.

For more information, see: Setting default projects for new users