Within Teamwork.com, you can share a saved filter from your project to a member of your team so that they can see the same information based on your applied filter.

You can share filters for most aspects of your project such as tasks, milestones, messages, files, time, notebooks, risks, links and comments. The filter options will vary depending on the item you are filtering. 

If you share a project filter with a user who does not have access to the project they will not be able to view it.

When you share a filter, all selected users will receive an email with a link to the filter which when clicked will open their Teamwork.com site on the page with the filter applied.

Note: After sharing a saved filter, any changes you make to your saved filter will be reflected for anyone viewing the one you have shared. One way to stop the filter from being updated on their side is for them to save their own version of it.

Sharing a saved filter

Click the filters button in the top right of the area you are currently viewing to open the advanced filters pane.

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In the filters pane, go to the Saved Filters tab. Hover over the filter you wish to share and click the three dots on the right. Choose Share from the dropdown menu.

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When an active filter is applied to an area, you can also share the filter via the options menu in the top right of that area.

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When a filter is applied, the share option is also accessible from the Filter tab of the filters pane. You will see the active filter mentioned at the top. Hover over the active filter, click the three dots and select Share.

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Once you select the share option, a modal will open where you can select who to share the filter with via email. You can also choose whether to include the filter name.

Click Share Filter to send the filter link via email to the selected recipients.

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When you share a filter, all selected users will receive an email with a link to view the filter which will open their Teamwork.com site in the associated area with the filter applied.

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The shared filter will be applied and will provide the user with the option to save the filter to their own saved filters.

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Copying a link to a saved filter

In the Share a Filter modal, you have an additional option to copy a link to the filter which allows you to share the filter settings manually, for example in a comment on a task or via a chat message.

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Editing saved filters

If you activate a saved filter and make changes to it, an asterisk appear next to the name of the filter in the filters pane until you save the changes.

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If you then share the filter before saving, it will be treated as an unsaved filter and any changes made to it after sharing will not be updated on the recipients side.

Note: Sharing filters is available on paid Teamwork.com subscriptions. 

For more information, see: Sharing an Unsaved Filter at Project Level