Within Teamwork.com, you can convert tasks into subtasks of other tasks in your project.

Subtasks allow you to break your workload down into smaller pieces of work grouped under a parent task.

You can change them quickly using drag and drop or a keyboard shortcut in the List area of your project.

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Converting a task to a subtask

To make an existing task into a subtask, expand the task you want to be the parent task by clicking the subtasks icon to open the subtasks area for that task.

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Hover over the task you want to convert to a subtask and use the drag & drop icon to the far left of the task to click and move the task to the subtasks area of the other task.

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You can also use keyboard shortcuts to convert the task. Hover over a task and press the Tab key on your keyboard. The task will be indented, and converted to a subtask of the task above it.

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Note: It is not possible to set a repeat directly on a subtask. Therefore, any existing repeat will be removed when you convert a parent task to a subtask.

Converting a task to a subtask of another subtask

Similarly to converting a task to a subtask of another task, you can also convert a task to a subtask of an existing subtask (a sub subtask of the parent task).

Expand the parent task so you can see the existing subtask, then click the subtasks icon on that subtask. You can then drag the task you want to move into the subtasks area.

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Convert a subtask to a main task

To change a subtask to a main task, hover over the task to reveal the move icon to the left of the task name. Click and drag this to move the task out of the parent task.

Note: If you move a task that has subtasks under it, those subtasks will also be moved with it.

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You can also press Shift and Tab on your keyboard to convert a subtask into a main task.

For more information, see: Bulk Editing Subtasks