Within Teamwork.com, you can use the bulk edit tasks feature to modify, complete, move, copy, or delete multiple subtasks in a task at once.

Note: Only users with the project permission to edit all tasks can bulk edit subtasks on a project.

In the Table area of your project, click the options button (three dots) to the right of an existing parent task. In List view, you will first need to hover over the task to reveal the options button.

In the options dropdown menu, select Bulk Edit Subtasks.

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In the Bulk Edit Subtasks modal, you can then select an operation to perform on the subtasks:

  • Modify, move, copy, complete, delete.

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When you select the modify option, you will see the different task properties you can update. Use the checkboxes to the left of each property to select which properties should be updated. You can then choose the new properties for each highlighted option.

Click Update All Subtasks to apply the changes.


  • The bulk modify subtasks feature only applies to the first level of subtasks.
  • Subtasks inherit the privacy set for their associated parent task. Privacy cannot be set directly on subtasks.

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Bulk modify options include:

  • Reassign - choose the individuals, teams, or companies to reassign to the subtasks.
  • Start date - choose a new start date.
  • Due date - set a new due date.
  • Progress - choose the new percentage of progress.
  • Estimated tIme - add the estimated time in hours and minutes.
  • Priority - choose a new priority.
  • Set column - choose a board column for the subtasks.
  • Change creator - choose the person marked as the creator of the subtasks 
  • Tags - add or remove tags on all selected subtasks.
  • Task Changes Followers - adjust who is following changes to the selected subtasks. 
  • Comment Followers - adjust who is following comments added to the subtasks.

When updating the assignee and follower options, you can choose individuals, teams, and companies.

For the task changes and comment followers options, you can add to the existing followers, remove some existing followers, or use the Remove All option in the dropdown.

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At the bottom of the modal, you can choose to apply the new settings to all of the tasks, or just those with particular start and due dates or assignees.

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When choosing the move option, you can select a destination project and task list. If you don't want to use an existing task list, you can create a new list from within the modal.

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As with moving subtasks, the copy option allows you to select a destination project and task list. You can also create a new list from within the modal as your destination list.

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When you choose Complete from the operation dropdown, you can then click the Complete Subtasks button in the modal.

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Similarly to the complete action, when you choose to delete, you need to click the Delete Subtasks button in the bottom right of the modal.

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For more information, see: Bulk Editing Tasks at Project Level