Within the Teamwork.com Timer app, you can customize your app settings for how timers display and behave.

To access these settings, click the settings cog icon in the bottom left of the Timer app.

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In the settings modal, you can toggle between different subsections to update various preferences.

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  • Show total time - if enabled, a total time will be shown in the lower left of your Timer app.
  • Blink current timer if paused - if enabled, the timer will blink until reactivated if paused.
  • Show time in Menu Bar - show the currently running timer in your computer's menu bar (Mac only).
  • Keep timer on top of other windows when in compact mode - if enabled, the timer will always show on top of the browser windows you are viewing.
  • Hide icon from taskbar when in compact mode.


  • Only return starred projects - only return tasks from starred projects.
  • Use profile time zone instead of system time.
  • Default: Reset timer instead of deleting when logging time.
  • Default: Mark associated task as done when logging time.
  • Pause timer when computer is idle - set a custom idle timeframe.
  • Automatically remove timers attached to deleted tasks.
  • Automatically remove timers attached to completed tasks.
  • Only remove timers that have no time recorded.
  • Use legacy time tracking method - start time/date will be overwritten with the current date/time after restarting the timer.
  • Launch Teamwork.com Timer at start up (Windows only)


  • Enable notifications.
  • Notify me when timers have been automatically deleted.
  • Notify me when timer has been paused due to inactivity.
  • Notify me when timer has been resumed due to inactivity.
  • Notify me if a timer has been running longer than 8 hours.
  • Remind me to start a timer if I'm active for over 30 minutes and one isn't already running.


  • Login/Email
  • Password
  • Remove account - All associated timers will be removed


Opens the Teamwork.com Timer log file.


Details any recent changes and app version number.

For more information, see: Downloading the Teamwork.com Timer App