Within the Teamwork Timer app, you can create new tasks or link existing tasks from your projects to use as timers.

To add a new timer, click the + to the bottom left of the timer window.

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You will then be able to create a new timer by adding a name or select an existing task from your Teamwork site to associate with future time logs.

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When selecting an existing task, you will need to choose the relevant project and corresponding task list. You can filter by all tasks, active tasks, and completed tasks, or use the search field to locate a particular task name. Click Select Task to add it as a timer.

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In the Select Task modal, you can also create new tasks without leaving the Timer app. Click the New Task button in the bottom left of the Select Task modal. You will then be able to choose a project, task list, and task name. Other options include assignee, privacy, and due date.

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Drag and drop

You can easily drag and drop tasks from a project in Teamwork directly to the desktop Timer app to create new timers. Click and hold the task name and drag it over to the Teamwork Timer window. Once you drop the task, a new timer associated with that task will be created.

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Importing tasks

You can also use the import function import tasks from your projects to the Timer app.

In the import modal, you can sort by project, task list, task name, start, due, or priority. You can also use the search box to locate tasks.

Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and use your mouse to select multiple tasks. Click the Add timers button in the bottom right to import those tasks.

In the import modal, you can also filter the tasks you are viewing via the dropdown in the top left.

For more information, see: Logging Time Using the Desktop Timer App