Within Teamwork, there are several areas within your account where you can review unread messages and comments.

Notification bell

In the upper right corner of your site, you will see a notification bell to the left of your profile image, which is visible on every area of your site.

If you have unread notifications or activity from any of your projects, it will show with the number of unread notifications in a red badge. Click a message title in the notification list to open the message.

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Note: Email notifications relating to comments and messages will include a direct link to the item. If you click the link in the email notification to view the related comment or message, the notification will be marked as read in the app and bell. As a result, the notification will no longer be visible in the notification bell.

In your profile settings, you can choose to receive notifications on all activity on the projects you are part of or just the activity that relates to you.

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In the Home area of your site, the Unread Comments and Unread Messages subsections will display a list of your corresponding unread items across your projects.

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To the right of each comment, you will see a timestamp of when the comment was posted, as well as a count of the number of people notified of the comment. Hover over the number to see the list of notified users.


While viewing a project, go to the Dashboard section and select the Summary tab.

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The Digest panel in the Summary will include a breakdown of any unread messages and comments on the project.

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You can choose whether it shows all messages and all comments on the project or just ones that relate to you specifically by clicking the settings cog in the top right.

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All messages

From the Everything area, under Messages, you can review all messages that have been sent and received across all projects.

Messages can be sorted by date or read/unread, and are grouped by project.

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You can filter messages by user (the person who wrote it), by tag, or you can type text into the filter box to search for messages with that content.

New messages have a green icon beside them to show they are unread.

All comments

In the Everything area, under Comments, you can see comments on all items across all projects in one place. 

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Each comment is marked with the name of the latest user to add a comment to the thread, the project and the company. You will also see if the comment was made on a task, milestone, file, notebook or link. Click the View button to view the full comment thread. 

You can filter comments listed by:

  • Type (whether the comment was made on a task, notebook, file, milestone or link)
  • Read or unread status
  • Who it was posted by
  • Who was notified
You can also sort them by:

  • Date posted
  • User who posted
  • Project name
  • Comment type

For more information, see: Adding a New Message