Within Teamwork Desk, you can whitelist individual IP addresses to limit who can access your site.

Note: Whitelisting IP addresses is only available on Premium and Enterprise subscription plans.

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

In the settings area, go to the General tab and select Advanced Security from the left navigation menu. 

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In the Whitelisted IP addresses section, you can restrict access to Teamwork Desk, your Help Docs sites, and the Customer Portal.

  • Only agents and customers who are within the whitelisted range of IP addresses will be able to access content.
  • Any agent or customer attempting access from a non-whitelisted IP address will see a message indicating they are not authorized to view the content.

Applying IP restrictions

Using the radio button options at the top, you can select where to apply the IP restrictions.

To prevent the administrator currently managing the IP whitelist from getting locked out, their IP address will be automatically added to the list.

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  • None - disable all IP restrictions. 
    • When selected, any pre-existing IP addresses in the list will be retained.

    • You can still add and remove IP addresses from the list.

  • All - IP restrictions will be enabled for your Teamwork Desk site, Help Docs sites, and the Customer Portal.

    • If you already have an authentication option set on any of your Help Docs sites, those settings will be overridden by this Advanced Security whitelisting setting.

  • Agents - agents attempting to login to Teamwork Desk will be restricted by IP.

  • Customers - restrict customer access to Help Docs sites and the Customer Portal by IP.

Note: Any third-party integrations using the API will be disrupted unless their IP address is listed.

Adding IP addresses

Click the Add button below the Administrator IP section to add a new custom IP address range.

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You can then set a start and end IP for the range, and optionally set a name.

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Note: Input of IP subnets are not supported.


Using the search field on the left, you can search for existing whitelisted IP addresses. You can filter the addresses either by IP number or the custom name applied to the range.

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For more information, see: Managing Advanced Security Settings