Within Teamwork Desk we make use of a spam detection and filtering server, but on occasion you may want to set your own rules to either ensure that mail from certain senders is always or never marked as spam.

If you are an administrator on your Desk installation you can manage the whitelist and blacklist by clicking on your profile icon to the top right of the Desk navigation bar and choose Settings from the dropdown.

Note: Our system will prioritize the whitelist over blacklist. So, if you blacklist a domain such as @helpdocs.com but whitelist a user such as lee@helpdocs.com. The email from lee@helpdocs.com will come through if whitelisted even if the domain of @helpdocs.com is blacklisted as a whole.

In the settings area, select the Company tab.

Under Company, select Spam Control from the left pane.

The characteristics that Desk implements for both whitelists and blacklists are the following:

  • Specific Email address (spammers@spam.com)
  • Email domain (spam.com)
  • Subject (Y'all got anymore of that spam?)
  • IP Address of original sender (
  • Match all senders, ensuring that no e-mail is ever automatically marked as spam (*)
For more information, see: Spam Information