Within Teamwork Desk, you can create Help Docs sites with support articles for your customers to reference.

You can manage everything to do with your help docs via the site-level Help Docs area in the main navigation bar.

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Here, you can view and interact with your existing sites as well as create new ones.


For each site, you can use categories to group and organize your articles based on topic.

Each article must belong to at least one category, with the option of adding it to multiple categories.

Related articles

For each individual article, you can select other articles which relate to the topic at hand.

Links to these related articles will appear to the right of the published article for easy access for visitors.


Each time you make changes and save an article, a new revision of the article will be created. It will include information on when the previous version was created and by whom.

This allows you to access and view previous versions of the article and see how it has evolved. 


Set a status for each individual article:

  • Draft - not visible to visitors of your site
  • Unpublished - not visible to visitors of your site
  • Published - accessible to visitors of your published site

Once the first revision of an article has been saved, you will see a preview option in the right sidebar.

Clicking Preview will open a new tab with a preview of how the article will look once published to your site.

Display order (relevance)

You can update the relevance number for each article to prioritize more important articles. 

The lower the number you apply, the higher the article will appear in the search results.


Add an old URL link to the article so people visiting an older version will be redirected to the current article.

For more information, see: Working with the Help Docs Area