Easy Insight is a cloud analytics platform that enables you to connect your cloud apps and create real time dashboards and reports.

Within Easy Insight, you can enable a two way integration with Teamwork Desk allowing you to create new tickets and edit existing tickets from Easy Insight. 

Note: You must first have Easy Insight enabled for your site

In the Home area of your Easy Insight account, select Teamwork Desk under the Data Sources section.  

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In the Getting Started menu on the right, select the Enable Two Way Connection option. 

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You will then be required to read the Easy Insight warning, along with details of the fields that are supported by the integration. 

Select Enable Two Way Connection from the bottom of the page. 

Once you enable the two way connection, you will then have the option to add to an existing dashboard or create this list as a new dashboard. 

You will then be taken to your report.