Easy Insight is a cloud analytics platform that enables you to connect your cloud apps and create real time dashboards.

Within Easy Insight, you can create new tickets and edit existing tickets that exist in your Teamwork Desk account. 

Note: You must first enable Easy Insight for your site and have the two-way integration set up. 

You can create and edit tickets in Easy Insight via your Teamwork Desk report or two-way dashboard. Both reports and two-way dashboards can be accessed from the Home area of the Teamwork Desk connection.  

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Adding a ticket 

To create a new ticket, click the Add Tickets option at the top of the report. 

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From the add ticket modal, you can set a subject line (required), message content and customer email. Additionally, you can set various ticket properties such as priority and status.

Once you have filled out the ticket details, click Add to create the new ticket.

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Editing a ticket 

Tickets can be edited directly from your reports in Easy Insight. You can edit the subject field and also use the dropdown options for additional fields. 

It is possible to edit: 

  • Ticket subject
  • Priority
  • Ticket status
  • Assigned to email address 

For more information, see: Enabling Two Way Sync with Easy Insight