Within Teamwork Desk, site administrators can view all time entries agents have logged across all tickets associated with a particular customer.

Note: The Time tab is available on Pro subscription plans and above.

Go to the People area of your site and select the Customers subsection.

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From the list of customers, click the relevant customer to open their profile view.

In the Time tab of the customer's profile, you will see a list of any time entries agents have logged on any tickets associated with the customer.

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An overall count of total time spent on the customer's tickets will be visible in the top right of the Time section.

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For each individual time entry, you will see:

  • Ticket ID 
  • Agent
  • Ticket
  • Time entry date and timestamp
  • Description
  • Billable
  • Time - duration of the time entry

You can refine the list of time entries to a specific period using the date range picker in the top left.

Editing a time log

To edit a time log, you can click any of the time-related properties such as date, description, billable, or time.

In the edit modal, you can then update the log date for the time entry, the duration, whether it is billable, and the description. Click Save to apply your changes or Delete to remove the time entry completely.

Viewing an associated ticket

Clicking the ticket ID or subject for any individual time entry will bring you directly to the associated ticket.


Using the advanced filters pane, you can choose to view time logs based on:

  • Agent
  • Billable
  • Tags - filter based on tickets currently using the selected tag(s).


Using the export button in the top right, you can download the list of time logs as a CSV file. The export will only include time entries based on the active filters you have set.

For more information, see: Viewing a Customer's Profile