Within Teamwork CRM, you an export custom lists of contacts, companies and users from your site via CSV.

To export a custom selection, go to the People dropdown from the main navigation bar and choose the relevant subsection.

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Within each area, the export function is located in the top right-hand corner. Click the options button (three dots) and select Export data

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Your custom export will be based on any of the following: 

  • Columns currently selected
  • Current filter in place (including custom filters) - filters are available in the Companies and Contacts sections.

You will be taken to the export history area of the site settings. An alert will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner to let you know you export has started. 

Once your export is complete, it will be listed within the history section along with the details of the export.

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Click Download to download a CSV export. Details of the export include: 

  • The item exported 
  • Filter name (if applicable, at the time of the export) 
  • Sort option in place
  • Date
  • User
  • Size
  • ID
  • Validity

Exporting all contacts, companies and users

The site level export is based on default columns which are not customizable. 

Note: Deleted people of any type will not be included in the export. 

To export each type on your site, click Settings from your profile dropdown menu. 

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Select the Export tab from the left navigation menu. 

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In the Export area, you will see a panel for each type. Click the relevant Export button to download a CSV. 

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For more information, see: Viewing Your Export History