Within Teamwork CRM, you can customize and manage the columns displayed in the various areas of your site in list view.

The column options menu (three dots) is located to the upper right of each area.

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The column options available in the panel will change depending on the area of the site you are viewing. For example, when viewing the Leads area of you site in list view, the available columns will be based on leads.

The Manage columns modal allows you to select and order the columns, based on the data you want to view.

To select a column, select the checkbox to the left of the column name.

Once selected, each column will be added to your Selected Columns list to the right hand side of the modal.

You can re-order your columns using the drag and drop option to the left of the column name.

To save your column settings, select the green Save button.

Resizing columns

You can resize individual columns in the list view by hovering over the column and dragging the separator.

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Reordering columns

To reorder the columns, hover over a column title and click and drag the column to its new position.

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Sorting by column

You can also quickly sort by column in the various areas of your site while in list view.

Click the column title to order the list alphabetically based on the selected column. Click the title again to reverse the order.

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For more information, see: Using the Teamwork CRM Navigation Bar