Within Teamwork Chat, there are various ways to notify individuals or groups, based on their activity status, when you send a message. 

You can use the handle picker to select specific users to be notified of your message. The picker can be initiated by typing @ in the message reply area of a conversation or channel.

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Supported handle options

Notify all channel members of your message, including those who are offline.

Using this command when creating a new conversation will notify all users within the owner company.
@all message text
Notify any conversation or channel members who are currently online.
@online message text
Notify a specific individual of your message.
@jane message text

Receiving notifications

  • Desktop notifications - will be sent to the desktop when you are logged into Teamwork Chat, currently active on the site & when a user @mentions you, or uses @all or @online.
  • Email notifications - will be sent via email when you are away from your machine and not active.
  • Push notifications - are available through the iOS and Android Apps, when you initially login to the app you will be given the option to receive these or not. 

For more information, see: Notification Settings