Within Teamwork Spaces, you can view a list of your required reading via the site level navigation bar.

The Required Reading area contains all of your read and unread required readings. When you have unread items, a red notification badge icon will be displayed beside the tab.

The items are grouped by Unread, Read, and All. A red badge will indicate the number of unread items. 

In the top right, you can filter the list of items by Space title.

Within each tab of the Required Reading area, the items will be grouped by the Space they belong to. Select the name of an individual item in the list to view it. 

Below the page or Space title, you will see an estimated reading time beside the required reading note.

Below the content, you will have the option to mark the page as read. If you have previously marked the page as read, you will instead have the option to mark the page as unread.

Once you have read an item, this will move to the Read column within the required reading area. 

Continuous Reading

When viewing one of your required reading pages, you will see the option of continuous reading at the bottom of the page.

This will allow you to mark the page you are currently viewing as read and automatically advance to the next required reading page.

You can disable continuous reading per page by de-selecting Automatically advance to next page. This will enable you to mark a page as read or unread without automatically advancing to the next page.

To view your full required reading list, click on the more pages to read link.

For more information, see: Setting a page as required reading