Within Teamwork Spaces, you can set a page as required reading for all members of a space, individual users, or companies. 

Note: You can only set a page as required reading once it has been published. 

Select the Required Reading button in the top right-hand corner of a published page. 

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In the Required Reading modal, select the Assign tab. 

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From the Assign tab, you can choose from the following options to assign required reading to:

  • All members of a space
  • All members of a company
  • Individual users
When selecting all members of a space or company, new users added to the space or company in the future will automatically be assigned the page as required reading. 

You can filter for individual users by name using the filter option. 

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Use the checkboxes to the right of the options to select the relevant users/companies to be assigned the required reading. 

Click Apply to assign the page as required reading for the selected people. 

Note: Only space managers, editors, and site administrators can set a page as required reading.
For more information, see: Viewing a Required Reading Report