Within Teamwork Spaces, users can be automatically synced from your Teamwork site.

If you set up Teamwork Spaces through an existing Teamwork account, all existing users are imported to Spaces. 

The administrator setting up Teamwork Spaces will be enabled by default. If the Teamwork site owner is a different user to the one setting up Teamwork Spaces, they too will be added as an active user.

  • All other users and collaborators will be set to inactive. These can be manually set to active and will count towards your paid user count. Once you have reached your user count limit, you will be prompted to increase your subscription.

During your trial, only active users will have access to Teamwork Spaces. By setting users as inactive, your total user subscription number will be amended at the end of your trial. You can edit a user’s active status via the People section.

Note: Each user that is toggled active in the People section counts towards your subscription cost.

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Administrator permissions will be inherited from Teamwork, meaning any site administrators in Teamwork will be flagged as administrators in Teamwork Spaces.

Once a user is enabled at site level, they will automatically gain access to any individual spaces where their company is listed as a member.

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Note: When a user creates a space, all members of that user’s company will be given edit access to the space by default. 

For more information, see: Working with the People Area