Within Teamwork, you can add unbilled time logs to an invoice on your project.

Once added to an invoice, the time will automatically be marked as billed and can no longer be edited unless removed from the invoice.

In the Billing area of your project, select the Unbilled Time tab under Open Invoices.

Drag and drop

Hover over a time log to reveal the move icon to the left. You can then click and drag the time log over to the invoice on the left to add it to it.

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To drag and drop multiple time logs together, select the checkboxes to the left of each time log. You can then use drag and drop to move all selected time logs at once.

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Select an invoice

Once you have ticked time logs, you can use the Move Items button to select a specific invoice to move them to.

In the invoice modal, you can either select an existing open invoice to move the time logs to, or create a new invoice for them.

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