Within Teamwork Projects, you can add someone's details to your site or to a particular project for reference, by adding them as a contact.

Note: Contacts cannot log in to your site. They cannot be assigned tasks, or receive email notifications.

To add a new contact, go to the People area at the top of your site.

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From here, select the People tab.

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Click the + Add button near the top right corner, and select Add Contact from the dropdown.

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The Add contact modal will then be displayed. 

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  • Essentials: When adding a contact, the only requirements that are mandatory are the user’s name, email and company. An email address can only be used once per installation. You can also upload a photo to the contact. 
  • Details: You can add the contacts job title, office phone, cell Phone, home phone, fax, alternative email addresses, and open ID.
  • Address: The person’s address.
  • Profile: Public profile details can be entered and viewed by any user on the site. 
  • Notes: Private notes. These will only be visible to people in the owner company.
  • Social: Social handles such as Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook,website, and a choice of messenger services.
For more information, see: Downgrading a user to a contact