Within Teamwork.com, you can log time to tasks and projects when replying to project item notification emails.

Note: The ability to interact with existing tasks via email is dependent on your project permissions for adding and editing tasks. Any project members with the project permission to Add Tasks can interact with tasks via email. 

If the notification email relates to a specific task or a comment on a task, the time you submit will be logged against that task. Otherwise, it will be logged against the project itself.

Time log duration

Time entries logged via email should be added in square brackets as part of your reply.

Note: Only one time entry will be processed per email reply.

Supported time formats include:

  • [1h]
  • [1m]
  • [1h 25m]
  • [1.5]
  • [1:30]

Time log description

To set a time log description, add the relevant text between curly brackets after the duration.

  • Format: {This is the description for the time log}.
  • Example: [1.5] {Content review}


You can also set tags to be applied to the time log itself once logged. These need to be specified within the description brackets.

  • Format: {Task description text #TagName #[Tag name with multiple words]}
  • Example: [30m] {Content review #Admin #[Content Review]}

Billable time

By default, time logged via email will be marked as non-billable. Marking a time log as billable needs to be specified on a separate line of your reply.

  • Format: #billable
  • Example:

Note: Billable defaults will not be applied when time is logged via email.

Email reply

The time duration format will be picked up whether it is added on the same line as the main text of your reply or on a new line, however the #billable preference must be set on a separate line in your reply.

You can also reply with the time log details without including comment text.

In the example below, a reply is being sent to a notification about a comment added to a task.

  • Response text: Reviewed and approved.
  • Time duration: 30 minutes
  • Time description: Content review
  • Time tags: Admin Product Marketing
  • Billable

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Once the reply email is sent, time will be logged accordingly in the associated project with the specified duration, description, tags, and billable preference. The main text of the email reply is added as a comment on the task.

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For more information, see: Logging Time on Tasks