Within Teamwork Projects, you can choose to skip weekends when applying a task template to a task list.

When skip weekends is applied, all Saturdays and Sundays are removed from the task duration count. This means that only working days (Monday to Friday) are included in calculating the start and end dates for the task.


The chosen start date for the template is March 13th, which is a Wednesday. This date can be set as Day 1 because it is a working day.

Chapter 1 task should start on Day 1 and end on Day 4:
  • Start date is 03/13 (Wednesday)
  • End date is moved to 03/18 (Monday) instead of 03/16 (Saturday)
  • Task duration is 4 working days 
    • Wednesday (Day 1), Thursday, Friday, Monday (Day 4)
Chapter 2 task should start on Day 5 and end on Day 11:
  • Start date is 03/19 (Tuesday) instead of 03/17 (Sunday)
  • Due date is 03/27 (Wednesday) instead of 03/23 (Saturday)
  • Task duration is 7 working days
    • Tuesday (Day 5), Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Day 11)
For more information, see: Using Task List Templates