Within Teamwork Projects, you can perform various actions in managing the tags you have added to your site.

To view your tags, click your profile image in the top right corner of your site, and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

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Note: Only the site owner or site admins will have access to site settings.

In the Settings area, go to the Tags tab.

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In the Tags area, you will see all tags that have been added to your site:

All Projects:
    • Tags that are currently applied to project items
    • The number beside the tag name shows the total number of items the tag is being used on
You can search and sort existing tags to the top left of the tags area.

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If you click on a tag, three options become available.

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  • Search: If you select the first search icon, a list of project items that this tag has been applied to will appear in a new browser tab.
  • Edit tag: Selecting the second icon allows you to edit the tag name and associated color. Any changes will be applied to all tags applied.
  • Delete: Selecting the third icon gives you the option to delete the tag.
    • When you delete a tag, the tag will also be removed from any project items using it
If you click one two or more tags, the center icon will change to a new option.

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  • Merge: Selecting the merge icon gives you an option to combine all selected tags into one. You will have the option to name this new tag before merging. Once merged, the overall count of the individual tags will appear on the newly created one.
    • Project items using the old merged tags will now be tagged with the new tag
For more information, see: Tag settings