SoftSync is a powerful app that enables you to sync your projects, tasks, and user activities between Jira Cloud and

Note: The SoftSync integration is available to all paid subscriptions. You will need to sign up to SoftSync to use the integration.

For any queries relating to the SoftSync integration, please contact the SoftSync support team.

Within SoftSync, you can create a sync to your site and connect it with Jira Cloud.

Step 1: Creating an administrator account

To sync and Jira using SoftSync, you will first need to create a new owner company site administrator account in your site. This user account will be used by SoftSync to sync your data.

Note: A user account with top level permissions is required to ensure the sync works as intended.

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Step 2: Enabling webhooks

You will also need to ensure webhooks are enabled for your site before using the SoftSync integration.

Click your profile avatar in the bottom left of your site and select Settings from the pop-out menu.

Note: Only owner company site administrators can access your site settings.

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In the Settings area, go to the Webhooks tab where you will see an option to enable webhooks for your site.

Note: Webhooks are available on paid subscription plans.

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Step 3: Installing SoftSync via Atlassian marketplace

Go to the Atlassian marketplace and search for SoftSync. You can then try a 30-day free trial or purchase a subscription.

Log in to your Jira account and proceed with installing the application.

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Step 4: Configuring the integration

Once SoftSync has been installed on your Jira account, click the configure option.

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Note: SoftSync recommends you back up all of your data in and Jira before configuring SoftSync.

You will be redirected to a connection page in order to make a connection with using the specific admin account created for the integration. Input your site URL and API key for that admin user.

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Once you click Proceed, you will also need to confirm access to the account for the sync.

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For more information, see: SoftSync Synchronization Setup