Slack is a business communications platform that enables you to stay connected with your team.

Within Slack, you can use slash commands to quickly access different aspects of the Teamwork integration.

Note: The Slack integration is available on per-user Pro/Deliver plans and above, as well as certain legacy plans.

These action commands can be accessed by first typing /tw in the message field in a conversation or channel, followed by one of the supported commands.

Some of the commands enable you to take actions relating to the channel you are in, while others allow you to control settings for your own profile.

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Supported commands

/tw projects
Set up a project to be linked to a channel to receive project notifications.


  • Update messages posted to the channel will contain task and other project item information. All members of the selected channel will be able to see these messages regardless of their user permissions and project access in Teamwork.
  • Only owner company site administrators of your Teamwork site as well as project administrators can use this command to set up the sync.
/tw link
Add a link to a project.
/tw task
Create a task in a project.
/tw settings
Configure app settings.
/tw help
Display the supported commands message.

Accessing supported commands

You can use the /tw help command to access the supported slash commands.

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The Slack channel will update with a message detailing the available commands.

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Creating a task

When you use the /tw task command in a Slack channel, you can include a task title after the command.

Once you send the message, the Teamwork Add Task modal will open where you can populate the destination project and task list. The Title field will populate with the task name included in the command message, if applicable.

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Click Create to add the task to the chosen project. A message will appear in the channel confirming the creation.

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Adding links

Use the /tw link command in a Slack channel to open the Add Link modal. You can also include the link URL after the command.

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Once you send the message, the Teamwork Add Link modal will open where you can populate the destination project and add an optional description. The URL field will automatically populate with the link included in the command message, if included. Otherwise, add the relevant link to the field.

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Click Create to upload the link to the project. An update will be posted in the channel alerting you that the link has been added.

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For more information, see: Enabling Project Channels in Slack