Slack is a business communications platform that enables you to stay connected with your team.

Within Teamwork, the Slack integration allows you to receive and interact with Teamwork notifications in Slack when certain actions are performed in your projects.

An example would be if a user notifies you in a comment in a project, you will receive a notification in a designated Slack channel, and can respond to it from there.

Once the integration has been set up, and the private Slack channel is created, you can begin to use the integration.

You will receive Teamwork notifications to the private Slack channel for anything relevant to you:

  • If a user creates a message in a project and selects you to be notified
  • If someone @mentions you anywhere in a comment or message in Teamwork
  • When other users make changes to tasks you are following

Note: You will only receive Slack notifications for task creation or updates if the person making the change selects the Notify by email option first.

Any time one of the actions above occurs, a notification will be posted to the private channel in Slack detailing what the notification is about, and who is responsible:

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Task update / new task notifications will include:

  • Who updated or added the task
  • Name of the task
  • Links to the task, associated task list and project
Message notifications will include:

  • Who posted the message
  • Message content
  • Links to the message and associated project
  • Option to reply to the message
Comment notifications will include:

  • Who posted the comment
  • Comment content
  • Links to the the associated task and project

Note: In line with how Teamwork handles notifications, you will not receive notifications in Slack when you create project items. 

Actioning notifications

Whenever you receive a Teamwork notification in the Slack channel, you can perform different actions via the options (three dots) button to the right of the message.

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Available actions on Teamwork notifications:

  • Add comment - add a comment to a task or reply to a message
    • For task and comment notifications, this will add a comment to the related task.
    • For message notifications, this will add the comment as a reply to the message.
  • Add a task
    • Create a task from the notification.
  • Add as message
    • Add the notification as a message in Teamwork.

For more information, see: Adding Project Items from Slack