Within Teamwork Projects, you can use the 'Choose Later' option when creating tasks in a task list template so the tasks can be assigned when the template is used.

When you add a task to a template, you can select 'Choose Later' from the assignee dropdown for who will be responsible for the task:

You will then be given the option to give it a name to show the type of person or group who will do the task:

The name you choose will then appear as the 'Who should do this?':

Once the task is saved to the template, the assigned will be shown with a yellow label:

Creating a task list from a template with 'choose later' tasks

When you are creating a task list in a project from a task template that includes 'choose later' assigned tasks, you will see the 'Choose Later' names you saved in the template:

When adding the task list from the template, you will be prompted to assign those 'Choose Later' tasks. You can assign each role to one or multiple project members:

Once you select 'Finished,' the task list and tasks will be created, and the tasks will be assigned to the users selected above.

Adding tasks from a template to an existing task list

You can also add tasks to an existing task list from a task list template. Click the dropdown arrow to the left of the task list, click 'Templates' and you will then be able to select the 'Add Tasks from Template' option:

When adding tasks from a template that includes tasks with 'Choose Later' assigned, you will be prompted to assign those tasks as with the task list.

For more information, see: Creating task list templates