Within Teamwork.com, you can set task permissions for users on each of the projects where they are a member.

To update a user's task permissions, go to the People section of your project. Click the three dots to the right of the relevant user and select Edit project permissions from the dropdown menu.

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Note: Only site administrators or project administrator on the project will be able to set these permissions.

In the permissions modal, you will see a section for View Tasks & Milestones. Click the arrow to the left to expand and view the other task permissions available.

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View tasks & milestones

User will have access to the Tasks and Milestones areas of the project (if those features are enabled).

Task permissions:

  • View tasks that they are included in privacy on
  • Complete tasks assigned to them
  • Add comments on tasks
  • Follow tasks
  • Set reminders on tasks

Task list permissions:

  • Generate task list report
  • Generate task list time report

Milestone permissions:

  • View milestones that they are included in privacy on
  • Complete milestones they are responsible for
  • Add comments on milestones
  • Follow milestones
  • View milestone activity
  • Download milestone report

Add milestones

Users with the add milestone permission can create new milestones, and edit the properties of milestones they have permission to view on the project. They can edit who is responsible, privacy, followers, milestone due date, milestone name and tags.

They can also:

  • Duplicate milestones
  • Delete milestones
  • Move milestones to another project

Add task lists

Users with the add task lists permission can create new task lists and edit the properties of existing task lists in the project such:

  • Update the task list name
  • Add notes
  • Edit the task list's privacy
  • Add/remove milestone from the list
  • Pin the task list
  • Set defaults for new tasks in the list

View estimated time

Users with this permission will be able to view existing estimate time set on tasks they have access to.

If a user also has the Add Tasks permission enabled, they will be able to add/edit estimated time on tasks.

Add tasks

The Add Tasks permission allows users create new tasks, as well as edit the properties of tasks they are assigned to, tasks they assigned to another user, or that are assigned to Anyone.

It also allows them to create new tasks.

They can update:

  • Who is assigned to the task
  • Task description
  • Start and due dates
  • Add/remove files
  • Priority
  • Log time
  • Set followers
  • Set dependencies
  • Add tags
  • Set board column
Additional task options:

  • Move or copy the task
  • Delete the task
  • Quickly add subtasks
  • Duplicate the task
  • Use as task default

Can edit all tasks

The edit all tasks permission allows users to edit the properties of all tasks they can access, including those not assigned to them.

The user will also have the same options from the Add Tasks permission, but for all tasks they have access to, not just their own.

Without this permission, users will not be able to complete or edit tasks assigned to another user if they did not assign the task(s) to the user.

Note: The board column icon will only appear if the project has columns set up in board view.

For more information, see: Setting User Permissions on a Project