Within Teamwork.com, you can select and manage multiple files at once, and delete, move, copy or download them in one go.

In the Files area of your project, click the options button (three dots) in the top right and choose Select Multiple Files from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can click m on your keyboard.

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Select the checkbox beside each file you want to manage, and you will see an additional set of options appear near the top of the files area.

  • Delete
  • Move or Copy
  • Download
Note: The options to delete or move/copy files will only be displayed if you have the project permission to add files.

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Moving or copying files

Once you have selected some files, click the Move or Copy button.

In the copy/move modal, you will be able to choose whether you want to copy or move the files. As with individual files, you can select a destination project for the files.

Note: When copying files, associated comments will not be copied.

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When moving multiple files, for files linked to project items, you can also choose:

  • Copy the file instead of moving it
  • Unlink the file from tasks/comments/messages etc. and then move it
Note: If you choose to move a file you will be asked to confirm the move. If copying the files it will happen immediately.

Moving multiple files to a different category

To move files to a different file category, you can drag and drop them on the category in the left pane in the files area.

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Deleting files

Select the files you want to delete then click the Delete button near the top of the files area. 

You will be presented with a pop up to confirm that you want to delete the files.

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Downloading files

When choosing the download option for multiple files, the selected files will be downloaded in a single zip file.

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For more information, see: Moving Files to a Different Category