Within Teamwork.com, you can enable automatic access to future projects for individual users on your site.

When a user is assigned the permission to have automatic access to all future projects, they will be automatically added to all future projects according to the following:

  • If the user is a member of the owner company, they are added to all projects added to your Teamwork.com account
  • If the user is a member of an external company, they are only automatically added to new projects that are assigned to their company. They are not automatically added to projects assigned to other companies.
Note: Client users cannot be granted permission to access future projects.

To assign a user automatic access to all future projects, go to the People section of your site.

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From the list of people, click the relevant user to view their profile. Click the Edit button in the top right of their profile.

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In the user details modal, go to the Permissions tab and toggle on Give automatic access to all future projects.

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For more information, see: Managing User Profile Permissions