Within Teamwork.com, you can edit the completion date of tasks on your projects.

Note: Only site and project administrators can edit the completion details.

This is useful if a task was completed on a date before the due date but not marked as complete until a later time. Both the date completed and the person who completed a task can be edited from the task details page.

Click the More option in the main navigation menu and select Everything from the pop-out menu.

In the Everything area, go to the Completed Tasks subsection.

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You will see a list of all completed tasks across the projects you have access to. Select the one you wish to edit from the list to bring you to the task details view.

Once you are viewing the task, there are two areas where you can modify the properties of the task.

Select the options button (three dots) in the upper right of the page and select Modify Properties.

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Alternatively, hover over the Completed By section of the details pane on the left of the task details view and click Modify.

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A modal will open detailing the person who created the task, who completed the task, and when the task was completed.

You can change who created or completed the task via the dropdown menus. You can choose from a list of the project's current members.

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When you select the date field, a calendar picker will open allowing you to select a new completed date.

Once you have chosen your new details, select Apply Changes to save the changes.