Within Teamwork.com, you can customize the order in which your saved filters show.

This can help you to easily find the filters you use most or help to navigate large lists of saved filters quickly.

To organize filters into a custom order, click the filtering button in the right of the relevant area.

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A filters pane will open on the right where you can select the Saved Filters tab at the top.

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Hover over any of your existing saved filters to reveal the move icon on the left. Use this to click and drag the filter to a new position in the list.

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When you save a new filter, it will automatically be added to the top of the list. You can reorder it once created.

You can organize your filters in any area that allows filters to be saved.

If you have marked a saved filter as This filter applies to this project only when saving, it will be listed in a separate section if you have both project specific and non-specific filters saved on the project.

You can reorder the filters within each section.

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Note: Saved filters are available on paid Teamwork.com subscriptions.

For more information, see: Saving Filters