Within Teamwork Projects, you can reorder the task lists in your project.

You can reorder your task lists in a few different ways.

Drag and drop

In the Tasks area of your project, click on the grey title bar of a task list, and drag it to the new position you want, above or below other task lists.

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You can also use the left sidebar within the Tasks area of the project to drag and drop to reorder the task lists.

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Reorder task lists

Click the options (three dots) button near the top right of the Tasks area, and select Reorder Task Lists from the dropdown.

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You will then see the move icon to the left of each task list. Drag the task lists into the order you want, then click Finished to save the changes.

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Sorting task lists

You can also use the sorting options to reorder your task lists automatically by:

  • Task List Name
  • Number of Tasks
  • Date Created
  • Milestone Name
  • Milestone Date
Click the options (three dots) button to the top right of the tasks area. Hover over Sort Task Lists and you will see the sorting options you can apply.

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For more information, see: Task List Options