Within Teamwork.com, you can use existing task templates to populate subtasks under a parent task.

Note: The option to add subtasks from a template is only available on tasks you have permission to edit.

In the Table area of your project, click the three dots to the right of the relevant task. Hover over the More option in the pop-up menu and select Add Subtasks from Template.

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In the List area of your project, you will first need to hover over a task to reveal the options button (three dots).

In the Add Subtasks modal, you can select one of your existing task templates from the templates dropdown.

Note: Any task list defaults set on the destination task list will be ignored. The template's task settings will be imported instead.

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Setting an anchor start or end date

Once a template has been selected, you can choose an anchor start or end date which will be used to set the new subtasks' dates.

  • Start on a specific date: All subtasks added will start either on or after the date selected, based on their Day # set in the template.
  • End on a specific date: All subtasks added will end on or by the date selected, based on their Day # set in the template.

The anchor date field will auto-populate with the start date of the parent task you are adding the subtasks to.

Note: If none of the selected template's tasks have start or end dates, the anchor date option cannot be set.

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In the top right, you can enable the Skip Weekends option. When skip weekends is applied, all Saturdays and Sundays are removed from the task duration count. This means that only working days (Monday to Friday) are included in calculating the start and end dates for the task.

If any of the tasks in the template have assignees set, you can select the Notify everyone by email option when applying the template, which will send notification emails to the selected user(s) once the tasks are created.

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Applying the template

Once you click Apply Template, the tasks will be added as subtasks of the chosen task.

  • If the task already has subtasks, these new ones will be added to the bottom of the list.
  • If any of the template tasks were created with the choose later assignee option, you will be prompted to set who will perform these roles.
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  • If the selected template's tasks have subtasks, these will be included under the newly imported subtasks.
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  • Any dependencies already set on tasks in the template will be included when the subtasks are created.

Note: Recurring tasks in a template will not be recurring when added as subtasks.


When a subtask is created from a template task that has files attached, those files will be included in the newly created subtask.

For more information, see:  Using Task List Templates