Within Teamwork Projects, you can export users from your site to Excel.

To view a list of the users on your site, go to the People area at the top of your site, and select the People tab within it.

All users and contacts on your site will be listed here.

You can export the list of users to Excel by clicking the options button (three dots) to the top right of the People area.

Once the Excel export has been downloaded, you can make updates to the export file and then import it again, clicking Import Users from the same options (three dots) menu. 

If you are updating both contacts and accounts, sort the Excel file by user type, and then import each group separately.

Note: As long as the email address remains the same (unique identifier) the same person will be updated. If you add in a different email address for the user or change their ID, then a new user will be created on your site.

For more information, see: Importing users and contacts