Within Teamwork Projects, you can change the site owner to another user on your site.

To make this change, you will first need to be logged in as the person who is currently the site owner.

Once logged in, go to the People tab at the top of your screen, and to the list of people on your site.

Click on the person you want to be the new site owner, to view their profile. Make sure they are a site administrator in the owner company.

Click the options (three dots) button to the top right of their profile, and select Make Site Owner from the dropdown.

Note: Only site administrators have the option to be made site owner.

If you can't access the account of the current site owner, for security purposes we need to go through a few steps to verify some details and then we can update the site owner for you.

Please send the following details to support@teamwork.com on company headed paper (a PDF via email is suitable):

  • The reason for the change of site owner
  • The URL of your Teamwork Projects site
  • The last 4 digits of the payment method (or a note of any alternative payment method you use if you don't pay by credit card)
  • The name of the new site owner
For more information, see: Adding a site administrator