Within Teamwork.com, you can import boards from Trello into your projects using the Trello importer.

To start an import, click your profile icon in the bottom left of your site and select Settings from the pop-out menu.

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Note: Only owner company site administrators can access the site import settings.

In the Settings area, go to the Import tab where you will see a section for Trello. Click the Import button to start the process.

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If prompted, enter your Trello login details. You will then be asked by Trello to grant Teamwork.com access to your account.

You will then see a list of the available boards you can import. You can choose to import all boards or select specific ones you would like to import. You can then click Import to start.

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Note: Trello does not provide access to email addresses of members participating on your boards. To work around this, the importer will create a temporary non-working email address for each Trello member you import. The temporary non-working email address will be created using the following format:


For example, a Trello member, John Doe, with username johndoe69607506, will be imported into Teamwork.com with the following temporary non-working email address:


These temporary non-working email addresses will need to be manually updated to the real working email addresses of the imported members. We provide you with a quick edit tool at the end of the import to make this easier for you, and the imported Trello members will be automatically displayed there. A list of these users, and a link to the quick edit tool, will also be included in the email you will receive once the import has finished. No Teamwork.com notifications or messages can be emailed to these users until their email addresses have been updated and an invite has been sent.

Once the import has started, you can either wait for the import to finish or close the window and you will be emailed with an update as soon as the import is complete.

If you have already imported a board from Trello, you can choose to reimport the board.

Note: If you choose to reimport, it will overwrite the previous import and any changes that you have made since the initial import. 

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If you choose the Update option, then the board will be imported from Trello, but the existing import will not be overwritten. Previously imported items in Teamwork.com will be updated with any new information being imported from Trello.

Note: Most of the import activity will not show up on your project activity dashboard. Archived boards can also be imported and will remain as archived projects in Teamwork.com.

For more information, see: Import Options