Within Teamwork Projects, you can integrate your site with HubSpot, so that you can sync contacts and link items in HubSpot to those in your projects.

Requirements for using the integration

To enable and use the integration, you will firstly need to have tags enabled from your site settings.

You will also need to ensure you have integrated with the Teamwork Projects Chrome extension.

Note: The HubSpot integration is available on the Premium plan and higher.

Once you are logged in to the Chrome extension, click your profile icon in the top right of your site, and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

In the settings area, go to the Integrations tab.

Note: You must be a site administrator in the owner company to access the site settings and enable integrations.  

You will see an option to connect to the HubSpot integration.

If you are not already logged into your HubSpot account, you will be redirected to the HubSpot customer portal.

You can enter your HubSpot login details here, and you will then need to authorize the integration between Teamwork Projects and HubSpot.

You will then be redirected back to your Teamwork Projects site where you will now see the HubSpot icon next to items like tasks or projects, allowing you to link them to items in HubSpot:

Normal users integrating with HubSpot

As normal users have limited site permissions in comparison to account administrators, you will need to enable this integration from under their profile integration options.

You can do this by going to your profile icon and selecting 'View Profile'. You will then need to click on the integrations tab:

Under the HubSpot option, you should be asked to authenticate the integration.

If you are not currently logged into your HubSpot account you will be directed to the HubSpot customer portal to grant access to your HubSpot account information.

For more information, see:  Creating a project from a deal in HubSpot