Within Teamwork.com, accounts on legacy Enterprise subscriptions can utilize our Sandbox account feature.

A Sandbox account is a fully functional "dummy" account, separate to that of your own account.

The benefits of this will allow you to: 

  • Test out newly released features, without having to deploy to your live data.
  • Try out Beta features before enabling them for all of your users.
  • Create an isolated and secure learning environment for your team. 
When your Sandbox account is created, only the site owner will be copied automatically. Any other site administrators will need to be copied manually. You will also have the option to add additional users

You can link your Sandbox account to your existing Teamwork.com account, making it quick and easy to switch between sites. 

Site administrators will have the ability to copy existing site data over to your Sandbox account, allowing you to work with live data whilst testing. 

If you would like more information on this feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Note: The Sandbox feature is only available on legacy Enterprise subscriptions.