Within Teamwork Projects, project items you create have a unique ID number associated with them, which allows you to identify and locate these items very easily.

Items with unique IDs:

  • Projects
  • Task Lists
  • Tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Sub-subtasks
  • Messages
  • Milestones
  • Files 
  • Notebooks
  • Links
  • People
  • Comments
For all items with unique IDs, you will find the ID in the URL for the individual item:

Task IDs

To see an individual task's ID number, you can hover over the task name in the list view in the 'Tasks' tab of your project:

You will see the task ID number to the right of the created date and time stamps.

You can also find the ID by selecting a task to view the task details. In the left panel of the task details you will find this task ID number:

Additionally, when viewing an individual task, the task ID will be included in the URL for the task:
Comment IDs

To find the ID for an individual comment, hover over the comment and click the 'Link' option at the bottom:
This will open a new browser tab with the comment ID included in the URL:

Searching by unique item ID

You can use these IDs in the search box of your site to search for the specific items:

Note: Do not include the # when searching by ID.

For more information see: Using the Teamwork Projects Search Bar