✔  Available on Grow and Scale subscriptions 1

Within Teamwork.com, you can view a timeline of the changes made to a project in the project history.

Go to the Dashboard section of your project and select the Activity tab.

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Click the options button (three dots) in the top right of the Activity section and select View History.

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A quick view panel will open on the right of the page with a list of all changes that have been made to the project's properties.

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Each change will note the change type, who made the change, and when it was made.

Changes noted in the history include:

  • Which project property was changed (dates, category, tags, users, custom fields, notify settings)
  • Which new property value has been set
    • E.g. If someone adds users to the project, the history will note the names of these users.
  • Who made the change
  • When the change was made

For each entry in the history, you can copy a link directly to that update by clicking the circle to the left and selecting Copy Link.

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When you go to this link, it will open the the project history panel, highlighting the relevant item.

1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.